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I am two tracks away from completing my new album Coming To A Theatre Near You, which I began on May 29th of this year. One track is an instrumental and is being troublesome. The other is one that I am hoping my friend S will record herself performing for me, because she wrote the tune and it is much better when she sings it. Everything else is done.

Let's just...let that sink in. I just almost finished an album. In a month. And as far as I can tell, the only thing seriously wrong with it is my voice, which is kind of unavoidable. I still like my arrangements, the songs are variable but none of them are, I think, actually bad, and the tone colours of the album are nicely diverse. It is, of course, very white, but then, as Davy Jones said, so am I, what can I tell you.

And I've got it done in a month.

The moral is clear. Grit your teeth and do it yourself. I still want my wonderful friends who can actually sing to sing on the Argenthome album, because that needs good voices, but I no longer have any serious expectation of making that happen in this decade. This album is not attempting to be a Truesingers album; it's me as a rather unlikely Truesingers tribute/covers band. Argenthome needs to be a whole lot closer to good.

But Owls...I could revive that one and do it this way. Finally get that done.

If you want to hear the ten currently available tracks from Coming To A Theatre Near You, you can sign up on my Patreon page at https://www.patreon.com/zandamyrande to pledge as little as a dollar a month (and it's collected on the first of the month, so that gives you four weeks free access), and look at this post: https://www.patreon.com/posts/coming-to-near-12422702 for links to all of them.

I think you'll agree that it's not at all bad for a month's work.
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