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...which no amount of loud, bombastic music can expunge, is a UKTV Gold jingle advertising the "Twenty Golden Rules" of somebody called Carmody. This turns out to be yet another way of repackaging the usual run of sitcoms, most of which are too recent to be worth watching anyway (though they are showing the excellent "Waiting For God" at the moment, and several other things which keep Jan on that channel).

Infuriating thing of the month is a trailer for one of these things, which they show every day as many times as they can out of pure sadism, as far as I can see. The scene is a restaurant kitchen. A hygiene inspector instructs the chef to stir the soup with the inspector's pencil, which has been in his mouth since the alleged sketch began. The chef, at the inspector's insistence, then does so, whereupon the inspector closes down the kitchen, shuts off the power and leaves.

There is not a particle of humour in this that I can extract. It's just nasty. The currently trendy attempt to sound unscripted (mumbling, umming and ahhing, trailing off at the ends of sentences) overlooks the fact that unscripted dialogue is not usually repeated word for word every hour on the frelling hour. The total effect is to put me off completely.

Now I must go and collect my Zimmer frame...


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