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Mademoiselle Fleur de Douleur did indeed visit Master Shadman in London, and the two remained close friends till Master Shadman's untimely death.

Bird o' Grace made a full recovery, but it was noted that dancing had somehow lost its appeal for her, and she never attended another ball. When Mademoiselle de Douleur returned to her homeland, Bird o' Grace went with her.

Opoponax became personal aide to the Count Brandag Mensurco. He died fighting bravely on the steps of the Royal Palace when Parliamentary forces quelled the Count's attempt to seize the throne and restore a functional monarchy.

Sir Louis Grievance had the tree on Grimmans Hill felled and burnt. In its place he planted a rowan seedling, a tree said to repel dark magics. He remains adamant that it was simply the first one he happened to have to hand.

Sir Tempest Convulsion still blames the entire affair on the Government.

Neither Changed-of-God, nor the Sallow Man, have been seen in England since that day.
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My dear Papa,

I hope this letter finds you as it leaves me.

I have made a Momentous Desision. The Grownups have failed again (Im sorry, Papa, but you have), and now it is all Up To Me. I did not want to be in one of those Storys where the Adorable Child saves the day, because they always make me feel Quite Ill, but it seems I cannot chuse in this. At least I hope I have never been Adorable. It is a Quality I strive most urnestly to avoid.

I am riting this in the feild where we had the Picnic. I will leave it by the Style so that someone will Find it and know where I have gone. If I do not Return, I hope you will find it in your Heart to forgive me, but honestly I Dout it.

I love you, Mama and Papa. I am sory I coud not let you now where I had gone, but you would have Stoped me. Someone has to tell the Salow Man to let the ladies go, and it seems that Someone is

Your afec effec loving douhgter,



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