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Short rant.

Aug. 3rd, 2005 10:52 am
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Occasioned by a comment on [livejournal.com profile] eleri's LJ, and many similar comments in the Myst-related forums, about people who do not have DVD drives installed in their computers and hence cannot play the latest Myst games:

I get really tired of people (usually young, usually American) advising me in a patronising manner to "join the new millennium." I get my computers as castoffs from kind friends, thank you, and quite often at the end of the month I do not have eighteen dollars, or eight, or even eighty cents. There are many people in the world as badly off as me, or even more so. This may come as a shock to my advisors, but poor people like to play games as well.

I have in fact bought a DVD drive, getting further into debt in the process, and at some point I hope to be able to persuade one of the aforesaid kind friends to come down and plumb it in because no matter HOW simple it may be I am not putting my hands into this irreplaceable and vitally necessary piece of kit. Once I have done this I will be able to play Revelation, and I am hoping it will be worth the wait and the extra expense.

To the children of technocracy who sneer at me for my poverty: I hope you never have to experience it.


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