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The problem with terrorists is that once you’ve got them there’s very little chance of getting rid of them.

As I understand it, they come in cells: mostly autonomous small groups, with their own headquarters, their own supply lines and very little contact with the centre except to receive orders. This is good organisation as long as the campaign is running: no-one can identify the higher-ups, the cell pretty much runs itself, and as long as they remain committed to the cause they’re useful. If the centre decides to stop the campaign, though, there is a strong possibility that the cell leaders, if they’re committed enough, will decide that the centre have “sold out” and that it’s up to them to continue the struggle. I kind of felt for the leaders of Sinn Fein back when the government were pressing them to get the IRA to disarm. They could issue all the orders they liked (assuming they were willing to do so: I never heard that part) but in the end, if the cell leaders wanted to carry on bombing, they would, and be damned to the peace process.

I don’t know what the answer is, short of less freedom for everybody.
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No paranoid rants this time, promise. I shall maintain equanimity and keep my thoughts and feelings to myself.

Quoted in the Sky News report of a rucksack exploding in Warren Street tube station:

"The man holding the rucksack looked extremely dismayed."

I imagine I would do considerably more than that...

EDIT: The word on the Beeb is that they were dummy explosions using detonators only.
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Please read this.

And then tell me again that Bush wouldn't have us bombed. Or that the American media, at very least, wouldn't regard the action as thoroughly justified.

Go on. I'm really interested.
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[livejournal.com profile] tyrell has a post made up of quotes showing how well we're coping. It's good reading. My own favourite is:

"It's hard to panic the British. They've dealt with the Blitz, the IRA, the Silurians, the Zarbi, the Daleks, the Cybermen..."

Of course, the Zarbi never actually got here, but we remain vigilant. The first sign of large wobbly ant thingies with thick legs, and we'll be ready for 'em.


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