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So, um, hi. If you follow this journal you'll know I have a Patreon page now, which I've started in a desperate attempt to put my abilities to some use in plugging our leaking domestic economy. I have thirteen lovely patrons right now, which is a wonderful start, but I am really hoping for more.

I've made it a monthly-pledge Patreon rather than per-thing, because I have no idea how to price my things even when I manage to finish them. So for as little as one dollar per month (it's a US site and they show everything in dollars, but they'll take whatever) you get access to everything new I put up there, and I'm aiming to put up at least one piece a day.

Looking at other people's Patreon pages, that looks like a heck of a deal.

And the more you pledge, the more I can do. I intend to start putting music and art up there in due course.

There are now more reward tiers, if you feel able to pledge a bit more. You can comment on my posts and tell me what you like or don't like, what you'd like to see from me. I really hope you will.

Because this isn't just about the money, though that is important too. This is about you and me having a conversation, getting to know each other better. It's about me getting better at making art for you. As long as it's something I can do, I promise to try.

If you know someone who might enjoy my stuff, tell them. If you enjoy my stuff, pledge a little (or a lot if you like, but a little will do if you spread the word).

Let's see if we can make this work.
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