Jan. 5th, 2017

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The woman who called herself Lethiel Lightfoot crept, almost invisible, almost inaudible, into the final chamber of the tomb.

Temperamentally and by parentage not a cruel or violent person, she had prepared herself with considerable forethought for a career in this world where violence and cruelty were practically the norm. She had honed her skills to perfection, had by devious means provided herself with the best possible equipment, had practiced religiously till she could pass like a shadow through a crowded room, could defeat any lock on any door or chest, could fell a man or a monster of humanoid dimensions with a single arrow from a considerable distance. She was weak on hand-to-hand combat, and possessed no aptitude for magic, but as a thief or an assassin she yielded to no peer. It was the best she could do, and it meant that any fighting in which she was involved tended to be decisive, short, and as painless as she could make it.

The adversary she would face here was something special, an undead sorcerer who possessed the ability to pass instantly into another plane and emerge somewhere else moments later. She would have to be quick, if she were to get her hands on the mystical amulet that he wore round his desiccated neck. She reached her goal, the best position from which to command the entire chamber, and readied her bow, nocking an arrow. She would have one shot at best, before he phased out and things got...complicated.

The lid of the sarcophagus cracked open, and the creature climbed out and stood up. Lethiel fell into the practised routine. Breathe, aim, focus. Time seemed to slow down as she levelled the arrow and fired.

The undead jerked as the shaft struck home, jerked and flung up its arms...and vanished.

Lethiel waited.

After several minutes she said softly, "Bugger."


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